Discover the types of businesses that will allow you to work from any duty station! 

The Ultimate List of PCS Proof Business Ideas

-Learn how to use your gifts, talents, and expertise to help others
-Find out how to take what you know and turn it into a profitable business
-Discover over 50+ ideas you may have never thought of before

PLUS, you’ll get instant access to a Free Video Training Series on How to Create Your Own PCS Proof Business

Ever thought about starting your own business?

I know what it’s like to juggle military life, being a mom, and having big dreams.

Hi, I’m Kayla! I am a military spouse and a business owner. Stick with me and I will show you how to go from spark of an idea to a living, breathing business that will move with you to any duty station.

Imagine waking up, getting the kids breakfast, and then opening up your laptop to see sales that poured in overnight, emails from happy customers thanking you for doing what you do, and new inquiries from people that want to work with you.

It all starts with an idea.

I put together “The Ultimate List of PCS Proof Business Ideas” to help you light that spark!

Grab my free list and check it out to see if there is a type of business that might just be a PERFECT fit for you.



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About Kayla

Kayla Roof is a Business Advisor and the creator of The Work from Anywhere Business Academy. She helps ambitious military spouses create purpose driven businesses that allow them the ability to work from anywhere.  Since 2005, Kayla Roof, MBA, has been helping companies generate sales by combining the power of television with the force of the internet and social media. With product and service sales of over 18 million, Kayla worked as a local consultant for television stations, helping over 150 companies produce dramatic business growth. Graduating from The University or Georgia with a BBA in Marketing and from San Diego State with an MBA, including an emphasis in marketing and entrepreneurship, Kayla’s marketing plans have been emulated across the country. In 2012, she started her own marketing firm and quickly built that business into a successful agency handling over 1 million in advertising annually. In 2014, she launched and turned her blog into a local television show in Jacksonville, Florida, focused on helping military spouses get dialed into their new city. Now she devotes her time to helping military spouses create PCS Proof businesses over at Proud military spouse, mom of two boys, and flourishing entrepreneur, Kayla currently resides in California where she focuses on helping other military spouses create their own businesses. 


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